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About Us

Our company was founded in 2001 in the village of Leszczydół Stary at Wyszkow in Mazowieckie.
From the beginning, we have been buying, sorting, salting, and transporting of raw hides and tanned leather.

We collect only the raw hides from the Polish slaughterhouse.

Our factory operates under the supervision of a veterinarian, meets all the standards required by law. Skins are stored under refrigerated conditions - at a temperature of 2-11 degrees C.


Skóry Kwiatkowski
Piotr Kwiatkowski
Leszczydół Stary 16,
07-200 Wyszków
tel.:+48 512 201 438
tel.: +48 664 039 297
tel./fax: +48 29 741 56 58